Some Questions Most People Inquire About

1. Can I pay for my loan online? 

answer: Yes – very simple just click on the make a payment tab and make your payment

2. How long does it take for a payment to post to my auto loan account?

answer: Generally two business days 

3. Can I make extra payments? If so, how will the extra payments be applied to my account balance?

answer:  Yes , anything extra is always applied to the principle balance. 

4. Can I make a payment online for more or less than my regular payment amount?

answer: Yes, You can always pay more,  remember to enter your loan number and current phone number and address – it will all be applied.  No, you may not  pay less then your minimum payment.

5. Can I set up recurring payments?

answer: Not at this time, we feel it is better for the customer if the cards declines – your loan will not go into default.

6. Can I change my payment due date?

answer:  Not at this time – it is always due the date you receive your loan each month.

7. Can I make an auto loan payment with my credit or debit card?

answer:  Yes

8. After I have paid off my loan, when will I get my title?

answer:  Generally  7 to 10 business days once everything has cleared. 

9. Can I make a payment by calling in if I am behind? 

answer:Yes. There is a $10.00 fee associated with calling in  

10. How fast will I know if I am approved?

answer: Generally with in the hour-depending on the time your application was sent.  If it is after business hours, You will receive information the next morning. 


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